SINCE 1997

Brasserie Hansken have become something like a institution in Oslos restaurant scene running strong for over 25 years. The Brasserie was founded by Arne Sunde and Yngvar Nilsen in early 1997. And have featured some of Norways top chefs out thru the years.

The idea is to create a timeless restaurant with international cuisine, focusing on high-end produce and with a hospitality that create a "casual feeling" for the guest.

A historic spot was one of the ultimatum for the location of the restaurant, with an outdoor terrace facing the historical square, Christiania torv was the perfect match.

Both Arne and Yngvar have culinary backgrounds and a long and impressive record, Yngvar with Olympic silver with the culinary team in Berlin 1996 and Arne as a restaurateur at "Det Gamleraadhus" and "Engelbrekt Cafèe".

Hansken was run in the duos ownership for over 20 years. In 2017 Arne and Yngvar handed over the restaurant to Akershusgruppen. And in January 2018 we started a facelift of the diningroom, with the saying "lets prepeare her for another 20 years".

The philosophy of Arne and Yngvar still lives on in the walls of the restaurant.

The Team

Stefan Walltin

Chef - GM

Joining Hansken in 2008 as Head Chef Stefan have a staying power like few others in the restaurant buiness. Born in Uppsala in 1981, and with an exam from culinary school at the year 2000 the Swedish roots are printed in the DNA of the kitchen.


He is the one employee who run the restaurant alongside with the founders Arne and Yngvar for over 10 years. He is the bridge between the old and the new Hansken. When asked about the goals, it`s to protect the foundation and the orignal filosophy, and at the same time develope a restaurant that keeps up with the level expected in 2024.


Favorit produce: Oysters


Favorit beverage: Champagne


Favorit restaurant: Etxebarri


Mikael Stenseth

Restaurant manager

Starting in the team in 2018 and running the floor since 2019.

Mikael have a sommelier exam from KA and have made a huge inpact to both the service strategy and the beverage list at Hansken. Along with fromer Restaurant manager and sommiere Daniel Eikaas he have deffined our wineceller to be among the few who is recomended in StarWineLis in Oslo.


Favorit produce: Asparagues


Favorit beverage: DRC


Favorit restaurant: Heart - Ibiza


Christian Honstad

Head Chef

Christan got a not so normal start to his Head chef job at Hansken because of the big look down of Oslo in 2021. The time was well spent with training kitchen staff during this period, wich have made him a beloved co-worker. With Norway culinary team background and former Head chefs possitions in Oslo, he is now also an author of the book KLIPPFISK. Wich put the focus on the traditional "bacalao" produced in the west coast of Norway. Running a kitchen with top produce and focusing on hand crafted dishes with a continental identety make Christian a perfect match for Hansken.


Favorit produce: Stock fish


Favorit beverage: Beer


Favorit restaurant: Core by Claire Smyth